Guest:  Dr. Grady McMurtry, Creation Worldview Ministries

Creation Seminoar  Gideon Christian Fellowship – April 16-18, 2015

Creationism seminar at Gideon Christian Fellowship  3401 Elysian Fields, New Orleans 70122 – 504-947-4857   – April 16 -18, 2015

Legislative session opens today

Hillary Clinton declares her candidacy – with a strange new logo

“Credit the Democrats; they’ve built a political machine where the quality of the candidate isn’t really a factor. Their base is going to show up and vote, no matter what. The vast majority of the disappointed Hillary voters of 2008 turned out to vote for Barack Obama.”

– National Review’s Jim Geraghty, echoing a common sentiment among Republicans who still fear Hillary Clinton despite her laughable campaign launch.