Louisiana Life March in Baton Rouge – 10:00, January 26, 2019


Supreme Court lifts injunction on President Trump’s transgenders in the military ban – there is no civil right to serve in the military  … more here


VP Mike Pence speaks to March for Life


President Trump’s proclamation on the sanctity of human life  …


Will veto any legislation which weakens the protection of human life


More on the March for Lifemedia reports only about “1,000” people attendingnetworks don’t cover


A tale of two marches  … Women’s march shrinking in numbers  … more here


Senate rejects government wide ban on abortion fundingmore here


Federal appeals court rules that Planned Parenthood videos were not deceptively edited



New York bill declares person not a human being until birth.   – 35% of all pregnancies/50% of all African American pregnancies in New York end in abortion




Louisiana abortion admitting privileges law could go into effect by the end of January


5th circuit rules against Planned Parenthood on Medicaid funding  … more here


Planned Parenthood made $245 million last year performing abortions


From Operation Rescue:

Since the tragic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision 46 years ago today, more than 60,989,403 children have been killed by abortionists, like Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation.

On this terrible 46th memorial of Roe v Wade, here is some encouragement.

  1. The number of killing centers have decreased by 70% (from 2176 in 1991, to 697 today)
  2. The number of babies murdered have decrease by about 40% (The most children were killed in 1991 at 1.6 million innocent children, today about a million babies are murdered)
  3. The number of Christ centered pregnancy centers out number abortion mills 5 to 1.

Yes, there is a lot of work that needs to be done, but we are winning!