Guest: Daniel Ortner, Pacific Legal Institute, discussing Chick-Fil-A and free speech 

Buffalo airport also boycotting Chick-Fil-A 

Life in Times Square  … N.O. football star speaks out on behalf of life  …  some billboard companies refused space to Focus on the Family for this event 

“Alive from New York” is a Focus on the Family event designed to celebrate the sanctity of human life; marvel at the wonder of human development in the womb; and encourage advocacy for women facing unplanned pregnancies and the preborn. The event will feature live music and inspirational speeches from special guests, as well as abortion survivors. The culminating moment of the event will be a live 4D ultrasound broadcast on massive digital screens in Times Square. 

Royal baby born …  will NOT be raised “gender fluid” 

Transspecies??? Elfin kind  Mermaid kind 

More bad news about Target stores