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October 14, 2023 Louisiana Election Resources

The Obama’s now making movies – I think I will pass on this one

McCarthy ousted as Speaker of the U.S. House … Steve Scalise possible replacementmore here …  McCarthy won’t seek re-electionTrump weighs in  … is the ouster of McCarthy a fool’s errand?

Could stop the flow of money to Ukraine ?aid to Ukraine harming U.S. Military position

Others who might replace McCarthycould it be Donald Trump????more here …  more here

Pelosi had to vacate secret office given to her by McCarthymore here

Biden appoints book ban czar  … Banned book week hypocrisy

Author responds to Sen Kennedy’s viral reading of ‘Gender Queer:’ ‘I don’t recommend this book for kids’

South Carolina Pulls Out of Two Liberal Library Associations Over ‘Tone-Deaf’ Anti-Parent ‘Activism’

What’s inside children’s books?

Education Sec. Blasts Parents Who Act ‘Like They Know What’s Right for Kids’