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Terrible traffic pile up on interstate near New Orleansmore here …  7 people died and highway closed for the foreseeable future

New movie:  Police State by Dinesh D’Souzamore here

Horrific comments on anti-semitism by White House press secretary

Columbia Professor delivers stunning message about elite universities and their support of terrorists

Columbia University refuses to condemn professor who called Hamas attack ‘awesome’


Nonprofit ‘Stunned And Sickened’ After Harvard’s ‘Dismal Failure’ To Condemn Hamas; Withdraws Suppor

Israel war: The fundamental incoherence of ‘Queers for Palestine

LGBTQ support and Palestinian support ‘don’t go together’: Dean Cain

Interesting how the left is divided over support for terrorists vs Israelanother example

DeSantis: ‘I Would Yank’ Student Visas of Pro-Hamas Demonstrators