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Trump Appeals Maine Secretary of State for Blocking Him from Ballot

Trump warns of ‘big trouble’ as Supreme Court agrees to hear Colorado ballot case

Will disqualification case be Bush v. Gore ’24?

Colorado Secretary of State Griswold: Trump, GOP to Blame for Threats Directed at Election Officials

Trafficking, Terrorism, and Trauma: Speaker Johnson Describes What Republicans Saw at the Bordermore here

As Illegal Immigrants Stream across the Border, Health Concerns Rise

Guest: Donna Jackson, of Project 21 discussing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in academia

Harvard President’s Resignation Highlights New Conservative Weapon Against Colleges: Plagiarism 

AP Blasted For Article Labeling Plagiarism As ‘New Conservative Weapon’ In Wake Of Claudine Gay Resignation

Shadow-Editing and Plagiarism Go Hand-in-Hand in Service of Identity Politics

The Usual Suspects Claim Gay’s Ouster Was Coordinated Racist Attack. It Doesn’t Go Well.

Dr. Carol Swain attorneys regarding plagiarism of her material

The Fake Martyrdom of Claudine Gay

LSU President on “institutional racism”