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Harsh weather grips Louisianamore here

Louisiana lawmakers are weighing a redesign of congressional districts. See the proposed maps

Trump claims Iowa caucuses by huge margin  … more hereand here

Ramaswamy Drops Out Of Race, Endorses Trump

Biden on Iowa Caucuses: Trump Is Inevitably Going to Be GOP Nominee

Leftists meltdown over Trump victory

Hertz to sell 20k EVs from rental fleet, says electric cars too expensive to repair –

‘A Bunch of Dead Robots:’ Frigid Chicago Temps Turn EV Charging Stations into ‘Car Graveyards’

Louisiana ban on “transitioning” minors is under attack

Man suing New York prison system for putting him in prison for men ?????

Nations Must Provide ‘an Uninterrupted Supply of’ Trans Hormones and Surgeries: WHO Guidelines Drafter