Tuesday 01-02-24

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Looking forward …

New laws to take effect in Louisiana on Jan. 1

Congressional impeachment inquiry will

Installment of new statewide officers, January 8

Louisiana Right to Life events – Proudly pro-life gala, Life marches around the state.  Celebrating the demise of Roe v Wade, working to eliminate abortion nationwide, supporting women in crisis pregnancies.

Special session probably in January to deal with redistricting and the creation of a new majority minority district

Legislative Session begins in March

Presidential primary in Louisiana and other states in March

Campaigning throughout the summer for President

Nominating conventions at the end of the summer

2024 election in November

Review of Trump legal troubles:

Impeachment #1

Impeachment #2

Summary of the legal trials pending …  Jack (Smith) Not So Nimble

Maine Kicks Trump Off 2024 Primary Ballot

Meet The Insane Chalmette Leftist Suing To Keep Trump Off The Louisiana Ballotmore here