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Upcoming election for judges in Orleans Parish

Huge Abortion Pill Case Could be Bigger Than Dobbs, Save Millions of Babies From Abortion Nationwide  … more hereand here

Planned Parenthood CEO: Republicans Should Support Abortion Because Killing Babies is “Life-Saving”

FBI targeting pro-lifers?

U.S. Department of Justice goes after traditional Catholicsspying on pro-lifers

President Biden says laws protecting minors from medical experimentation “close to sinful”more hereand hereand here

De-transitioner testimony

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Alleriges due to climate change ?????

Biden admin coming after washing machines!!!!

What happens in CA doesn’t stay in CA

President Biden withdraws controversial FCC nominationmore hereand here

LA Insurance Commissioner will not seek re-election

More on the SVB bank collapse

Woke priorities contribute to banking problems

Failed SVB Criticized For Hyper-Focus On Woke DEI Initiatives, LGBT Activism

The Perfect Leftist Storm Preceding Silicon Valley Bank ‘Bailout’

Stanford President, Law School Dean Apologize To Judge After Verbal Assault On Campus

Gotta get those babies into the hands of the state

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Part 2 of Today’s Show

Trouble in the banking industrymore here

Conservative 5th Circuit Appeals Court judge receives rude welcome at Stanford Universitymore hereand here

More woke protests

Video of the “insurrection”

Trump’s J6 songmore here

Left goes after Trump lawyers

Biden purging conservatives from the military

Man receives “Woman of Courage” award at Biden White House

Jane Fonda “jokes” about murdering pro-lifers

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Part 2 of Today’s Show

Senate kills Biden ESG investment rule

President Trump speaks at CPAC and calls for U.S. to withdraw from the WHO

Left wing politics infiltrate Merchant Marine Academy

Leftists and leftist media mad about Tucker Carlson getting 1/06 tapesmore hereand hereand here

Ha Ha!!!

Chinese “essential” supplies

WH Press Secretary also doesn’t like TN bill on “drag shows”more here  … and hereprotesting drag shows a “hate crime” in Canada

Arizona school board – Christian need not apply

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Part 2 of Today’s Show

Louisiana Senator reports to prison

Democrat enters Louisiana governor’s raceJBE endorses

Republicans Schexnayder  considering getting into race  … AG Jeff Landry seeks Trump endorsementGraves won’t run

Louisiana Congressional delegation scores high on Family Research Council scorecard

Walgreens will not sell abortion pills in 20 statesWH press secretary responds  … more hereand here

“Minister”  “your faith is too small” 

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

10 Myths about COVIDEnergy Department on where COVID originatedmore here

Biden admin does not believe in natural immunity

Woody Harrelson Doubles Down, Slams COVID Mandates: US Is “Not A Free Country” – Summit News

 The lies of the fact checkers

Supreme Court hearing on Biden student loan forgiveness  … more here

Hershey candy company goes off the railsand here

Christian girls team forced for forfeit playoff game