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Journalist on MSNBC attacks those who believe rights come from God as ‘Christian nationalists’ – LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)

Parents’ Appeal to SCOTUS Highlights Intensifying Clash between Parents’ Rights, Trans Agenda

Trans inmate who strangled baby sues Indiana prison chaplain for allegedly denying hijab (katv.com)

Alabama Sets the Stage for a Supreme Court Fight Over IVF – The American Conservative

Alabama Supreme Court Got It Right: Human Embryos Deserve Legal Protection – LifeNews.com

What to know about Louisiana’s vitro fertilization laws | News | theadvocate.com

Donald Trump Says He Supports IVF So Families Can Have Children – LifeNews.com

Guest:  Ethan Peck of the National Center for Public Policy Research Free Enterprise Project discussing his article WHY ARE U.S. CORPORATIONS STILL FUNDING TERRORIST-INFILTRATED UNRWA?

Illegal alien murders University of Georgia student

Honduran Illegal Arrested for Raping 14-Year-Old Girl at Knifepoint, Stabbing Man During Robbery In Louisiana (infowars.com)more here

Speaker Johnson Sticks With Border ‘First’ Stance After White House Meeting | The Daily Wire  … more here

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Bills moving through the Louisiana Special Session on Crime

Trump Wins South Carolina Primary; Haley Vows to Stay On | The Epoch Times

Why is Nikki Haley still running? Despite SC loss, she is fighting on (usatoday.com)

Huh?????  Newsom: Biden’s Presidency Is a ‘Masterclass’ in Leadership (breitbart.com)

It’s an election year, and Biden’s team is signaling a more aggressive posture toward the press

‘Desperate’ for Votes: Biden Expands Student Loan Forgiveness by $1.2 Billion

Joe Biden is Spending Billions of Your Tax Dollars on Abortion and Population Control – LifeNews.com

Why Trump Was Right to End Funding for the UN Palestinian Aid Organization

State Department Warns Staffers against ‘Misgendering’

Mandatory IRS Diversity Training Includes Material From Trans Academic Who Called For ‘Death Of Whiteness’

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Alabama Supreme Court ruling could end IVF treatments in statemore here


Letter with powder substance found at church with ties to Mike Johnson

Alarming Rise in Military-Aged Chinese Men Entering US Illegally, Border Patrol Union Chief Warns | The Epoch Times

President Biden asking for Mexico’s help at our southern border … but at what cost????

Texas governor building military ‘base camp’ near border to deter migrants

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Louisiana Family Forum celebrates Louisiana’s longest married couple  … more here

Legislative Special Session on crime begins today

Jeff Landry poised to reshape Louisiana’s justice system | Legislature | theadvocate.com

More here

Hollywood threatening to boycott Louisiana over the death penalty

Executive director for St. Charles Center for Faith + Action | Louisiana Inspired | theadvocate.com

U.S. Supreme Court makes major ruling in religious discrimination case

Clay Higgins named an impeachment manager | Local Politics | nola.com

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Trump says he would encourage Russia to ‘do whatever the hell they want’ to any NATO country that doesn’t pay enough | CNN Politics

Fact-checking Trump’s comments urging Russia to invade ‘delinquent’ NATO members | PBS NewsHour

Trump responds

Date set for Supreme Court hearing on major free speech Big Tech case – Washington Examiner

Biden Administration Pressured Amazon to Censor COVID-19 Books: Emails | The Epoch Times

Media biasmore here  … AFA Journal – Mainstream media machine, champions of fake news

Studies Show Professional Fact-Checking Is Subjective (washingtonstand.com)

4 Biblical Ways to ‘Counter the Deception’ Rampant in Modern Media (washingtonstand.com)

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Governor Landry issues call for 2nd Special Session  … more here

Biden Admin has a not good … very bad week last week

‘Significant Flaws’: Senate Rejects Border Bill (washingtonstand.com)needed 60 votes to move forward

‘It Was Not an Insurrection’: SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments on Trump Ballot Case (washingtonstand.com)

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts Warns of ‘Daunting’ Consequences of Trump Ballot Ban | The Epoch Times

SCOTUS Expresses Doubts On Attempt To Remove Trump From Colorado Ballot – One America News Network (oann.com)

Above The Law: Biden Skates On Classified Docs Case Due To Dementia & Old Age (infowars.com)

Kamala Harris angrily attacks special counsel who spotlighted Biden memory lapses as ‘politically motivated’ | Fox News

Special Counsel: Biden Should Face No Charges despite ‘Willfully Retaining’ Classified Docs (washingtonstand.com)

White House frustration with Garland grows – POLITICO

New York Republican Calls For Biden To Be Stripped Of Power Over ‘Dramatically Compromised Mental Faculties’ | The Daily Wire

Second Mayorkas Impeachment Vote Likely to Happen Next Week (washingtonstand.com)

U.S. House Rejects $17.6B Stand-Alone Aid Proposal For Israel – One America News Network (oann.com)

Joe Biden Appoints Radical Anti-Christian Leftist John Podesta to Replace John Kerry – LifeNews.com

A spectacular embarrassment for Speaker Mike Johnson | State Politics | theadvocate.com

Teacher Gives Master Class in Rethinking Premises After Student Asks Him About ‘Transphobe’ J.K. Rowling – RedState

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Call your US Senators today and tell them to vote NO on the Senate illegal immigration bill.

# (202) 224-3121

Catholic University Fires Professor Who Brought in ‘Abortion Doula’ (dailysignal.com)

Pets Aren’t Children: ‘Fur Babies’ and the Worship of Feelings – Breakpoint

Explainer: WHO’s Pandemic Agreement Threatens National Sovereignty, Free Speech, and Life (washingtonstand.com)

Republicans react to failed Mayorkas impeachment

Trump is not immune in 2020 election interference case, appeals court rules (nbcnews.com)more hereand here

Biden Brags About Defying Supreme Court on Student Debt Cancellation, Claims No Cost to Taxpayers | The Epoch Times

Guest:  Arielle delTurco, Family Research Council’s  Director of the Center for Religious Liberty 

Pro-Life Demonstrators Found Guilty, Face Up To 11 Years In Federal Prison | The Daily Wire