Monday 02-12-24

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Governor Landry issues call for 2nd Special Session  … more here

Biden Admin has a not good … very bad week last week

‘Significant Flaws’: Senate Rejects Border Bill ( 60 votes to move forward

‘It Was Not an Insurrection’: SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments on Trump Ballot Case (

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts Warns of ‘Daunting’ Consequences of Trump Ballot Ban | The Epoch Times

SCOTUS Expresses Doubts On Attempt To Remove Trump From Colorado Ballot – One America News Network (

Above The Law: Biden Skates On Classified Docs Case Due To Dementia & Old Age (

Kamala Harris angrily attacks special counsel who spotlighted Biden memory lapses as ‘politically motivated’ | Fox News

Special Counsel: Biden Should Face No Charges despite ‘Willfully Retaining’ Classified Docs (

White House frustration with Garland grows – POLITICO

New York Republican Calls For Biden To Be Stripped Of Power Over ‘Dramatically Compromised Mental Faculties’ | The Daily Wire

Second Mayorkas Impeachment Vote Likely to Happen Next Week (

U.S. House Rejects $17.6B Stand-Alone Aid Proposal For Israel – One America News Network (

Joe Biden Appoints Radical Anti-Christian Leftist John Podesta to Replace John Kerry –

A spectacular embarrassment for Speaker Mike Johnson | State Politics |

Teacher Gives Master Class in Rethinking Premises After Student Asks Him About ‘Transphobe’ J.K. Rowling – RedState