Monday 03-18-24

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Praying for our Legislators:  Bills to expand abortion rights in Louisiana

Rep. Aimee FreemanHB 245 – Constitutional amendment legalizing abortion up until birth and requiring taxpayer funding of abortion

Rep. Delisha Boyd –  HB 164 – Creating rape and incest exceptions to our prohibition on abortion

Rep. Candace NewellHB 56 and HB 63 – more exceptions to allow abortion for unborn children who are diagnosed with possible fetal disorder

Vice President Harris visits Planned Parenthood abortion facility

Our friend, Jill Hines, is at the Supreme Court today as LA Solicitor General assists in arguing on the Missouri case dealing with Biden admin and coercion of social media platforms censoring.  more here

Doritos’ partnership with ‘transgender’ influencer ended even worse for them than Bud Light – LifeSite (

Doritos FIRES trans activist TWO DAYS after bringing him in as a brand ambassador after being alerted to sick tweets about doing ‘depraved things’ to a 12-year-old | Daily Mail Online

Mary Szoch of the Family Research Council discussing Biden’s tragic misjudgment: Disabled lives matter

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