Wednesday 12-27-23

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Top events of 2023

New Zealand Data Scientist arrested   … more here

Chatham County, GA offers bribe to take COVID shot 

Pfizer data released

Texas AG files lawsuit against Pfizermore hereand here

Dr. Ryan Cole 15 ways COVID shots harm people  … more from Dr. Cole

Pfizer data on adverse reactions during pregnancy

But Biden Administration still pushing the shots. 

Biden Waves Through Another Covid Booster

Biden Administration will encourage Americans to get new COVID-19 vaccine, KJP says

Biden to request funds for another COVID vaccine amid rising cases

Military begging discharged personnel to return

  • Pushback on the transgender agenda but Biden administrations ramps up implementation.  

Transgender activist push back at the airport

Biden admin wants to erase “mothers” and “fathers”

Biden Administration limiting those who can be foster parentsmore hereand here

  • This was the year of the de-transitioners

Colorado Supreme Court Disqualifies Pres. Trump From Ballot, Trump Team Likely To Appealmore hereand hereand heremay actually help President Trumpmore hereand here