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Harsh weather grips Louisianamore here

Louisiana lawmakers are weighing a redesign of congressional districts. See the proposed maps

Trump claims Iowa caucuses by huge margin  … more hereand here

Ramaswamy Drops Out Of Race, Endorses Trump

Biden on Iowa Caucuses: Trump Is Inevitably Going to Be GOP Nominee

Leftists meltdown over Trump victory

Hertz to sell 20k EVs from rental fleet, says electric cars too expensive to repair –

‘A Bunch of Dead Robots:’ Frigid Chicago Temps Turn EV Charging Stations into ‘Car Graveyards’

Louisiana ban on “transitioning” minors is under attack

Man suing New York prison system for putting him in prison for men ?????

Nations Must Provide ‘an Uninterrupted Supply of’ Trans Hormones and Surgeries: WHO Guidelines Drafter

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Landry backs out of chicken ownership, sends Governor’s Mansion hens packing to Amite

Freezing weather headed our way

Louisiana Life marches this weekend

Arkansas Named Most Pro-Life State in America, Louisiana and Mississippi Place 2nd and 3rd

Louisiana Legislative Special Session begins today to deal with redistricting and other matters

Could Louisiana get rid of its ‘jungle primary’ under new Gov. Jeff Landry?  … one opinion on this

Legislative committees set

Iowa Presidential Caucus begins tonight

More Mad About Mikemore here

This person should start a new career as a comedy writer

Ohio House of Representatives overrides Governor DeWine vetomore here

‘Derelict’: Lawmakers Demand Mayorkas’s Impeachment as Border Crisis Deepens

U.S. House impeachment proceedings against Mayorkas over immigration feature state AGsmore here

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Changing of the guard in Louisiana Government:

Gov.-elect Jeff Landry: ‘Our people have not come first. This will soon change.’

Road to the Governor’s Mansion: What Jeff Landry’s past tells us about how he’ll govern

Conservative Jeff Landry Inaugurated as Louisiana’s 57th Governor

Read the full text of Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry’s inaugural address

Clancy DuBos: Some big political stories to watch in 2024

Gov. John Bel Edwards to join New Orleans law firm when he leaves office

LSU scrubs website of woke diversity material

Conservative groups sue Louisiana medical board over diversity in selection process

Families of transgender children sue Louisiana over ban on gender-affirming careOhio governor vetoes similar bill in that state, override pendingCalifornia will offer free gender transitioning to illegal aliens

Louisiana ranked second most pro-life state

US Supreme Court to rule on Idaho’s strict abortion ban in medical emergencies

Media attacks on crisis pregnancy centers increasing

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Part 2 of Today’s Show

Trump Appeals Maine Secretary of State for Blocking Him from Ballot

Trump warns of ‘big trouble’ as Supreme Court agrees to hear Colorado ballot case

Will disqualification case be Bush v. Gore ’24?

Colorado Secretary of State Griswold: Trump, GOP to Blame for Threats Directed at Election Officials

Trafficking, Terrorism, and Trauma: Speaker Johnson Describes What Republicans Saw at the Bordermore here

As Illegal Immigrants Stream across the Border, Health Concerns Rise

Guest: Donna Jackson, of Project 21 discussing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in academia

Harvard President’s Resignation Highlights New Conservative Weapon Against Colleges: Plagiarism 

AP Blasted For Article Labeling Plagiarism As ‘New Conservative Weapon’ In Wake Of Claudine Gay Resignation

Shadow-Editing and Plagiarism Go Hand-in-Hand in Service of Identity Politics

The Usual Suspects Claim Gay’s Ouster Was Coordinated Racist Attack. It Doesn’t Go Well.

Dr. Carol Swain attorneys regarding plagiarism of her material

The Fake Martyrdom of Claudine Gay

LSU President on “institutional racism”

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Part 2 of Today’s Show

Wait a minute….. I thought Children’s Hospital and others said in testimony that they were not doing the procedures ????   “I can tell you that effective January 1, 2024, Children’s Hospital New Orleans will modify its transgender care services to meet requirements specified in the law,” Dr. Mark Kline, director of Children’s Hospital New Orleans, said.

Harvard President resigns due to Anti Semitic speech  … more hereand herewill likely remain as a professor on Harvard campus  … Dr. Carol Swain’s response

Should we gloat when the woke go broke?

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Looking forward …

New laws to take effect in Louisiana on Jan. 1

Congressional impeachment inquiry will

Installment of new statewide officers, January 8

Louisiana Right to Life events – Proudly pro-life gala, Life marches around the state.  Celebrating the demise of Roe v Wade, working to eliminate abortion nationwide, supporting women in crisis pregnancies.

Special session probably in January to deal with redistricting and the creation of a new majority minority district

Legislative Session begins in March

Presidential primary in Louisiana and other states in March

Campaigning throughout the summer for President

Nominating conventions at the end of the summer

2024 election in November

Review of Trump legal troubles:

Impeachment #1

Impeachment #2

Summary of the legal trials pending …  Jack (Smith) Not So Nimble

Maine Kicks Trump Off 2024 Primary Ballot

Meet The Insane Chalmette Leftist Suing To Keep Trump Off The Louisiana Ballotmore here

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Part 2 of Today’s Show

What’s Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2023? Hint: Be true to yourself

Some lighthearted events from the past year

Some other events from 2023:

The Supreme Court of the United States issued a historic decision effectively ruling that race-based admissions policies in undergraduate admissions are unconstitutional.

The satanic roots of the left’s all-out war on Christian America

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Americans

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Part 2 of Today’s Show

Top events of 2023

New Zealand Data Scientist arrested   … more here

Chatham County, GA offers bribe to take COVID shot 

Pfizer data released

Texas AG files lawsuit against Pfizermore hereand here

Dr. Ryan Cole 15 ways COVID shots harm people  … more from Dr. Cole

Pfizer data on adverse reactions during pregnancy

But Biden Administration still pushing the shots. 

Biden Waves Through Another Covid Booster

Biden Administration will encourage Americans to get new COVID-19 vaccine, KJP says

Biden to request funds for another COVID vaccine amid rising cases

Military begging discharged personnel to return

  • Pushback on the transgender agenda but Biden administrations ramps up implementation.  

Transgender activist push back at the airport

Biden admin wants to erase “mothers” and “fathers”

Biden Administration limiting those who can be foster parentsmore hereand here

  • This was the year of the de-transitioners

Colorado Supreme Court Disqualifies Pres. Trump From Ballot, Trump Team Likely To Appealmore hereand hereand heremay actually help President Trumpmore hereand here

Part 1 of Today’s Show
Part 2 of Today’s Show

Top events of 2023

  • Terrorist attack in Israel

Israel under attack  …  more herehereand heregood source of information about Israel 



700+ KILLED; 2,000+ WOUNDED